R & R

Prepares learners to support the diverse world around them

Teaches learners “how to walk the talk every day!”

Provides learners with an experience where all participants are actively engaged #nobystanders


Encouraged and motivated

Prepared to do the work 

Validated, welcome, and safe



Our trainings are designed to make participants feel valued, more confident, and enthusiastic about the work. We believe that the most sustainable professional development is one where people can show up as themselves as they learn.


Our personal development coaching options allow people to move from employee to leader, from single-income to multiple streams of income, from second-guessing to confident in who they are, and or empowers them to make the Audacious Ask. Contact us about taking your leadership abilities to the next level. 


Stay tuned for R&R Equity Concierge events: virtual learning, conferences, and boot camps.  Follow our page to stay in the loop.

“Thank you for being interactive and not shaming me for being white (seriously). I feel I gained an understanding of how this topic is viewed from many different perspectives and I feel this applies not only to our work in this organization but in my personal life too. Thank you for educating me a little more.”

Rebecca W.

“Each time I hear Laura talk, I am reminded to consciously reshape my own attitudes and to be more aware of how I treat people and how I represent them in my speech, actions, and written words.

Ramona T.
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