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Who are We?

R&R Equity Concierge is your trusted DEI training provider. We are a collaborative partnership between Reset Consulting LLC and Restorative Community Partners LLC which provides diversity, equity, and inclusion training for businesses, schools, and organizations.

By partnering with R&R Equity Concierge, learners assuredly receive the most up-to-date training available.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to the work of diversity in the Corridor is deeply rooted in the desire to build the capacity for businesses, schools, and community organizations to thrive and grow in equitable, inclusive, and racially diverse environments. Our work supports embracing diversity, so ALL can thrive in the wonderful work and learning opportunities Iowa has to offer.

With over twenty-nine combined years of experience in leadership, race relations, and restorative justice, R&R has forged long-standing work partnerships with various organizations. Participants will receive customized, thought-provoking training that will leave your team informed and empowered.

Our Methods

Our customized professional development programs make it more conducive for a safer and more collaborative learning space. Working closely with consultants Kimberly Fitten and Laura Gray means your team will receive training directly applicable to your organization’s needs.

Having many years of experience with predominantly white organizations and staff, we empathize with the discomfort our learners’ experience as they discuss issues of race.

Our delivery methods are designed to push our learners; however, we create a container by wrapping around them with restorative practices. This makes for a safer space to process, reflect, and grow.

“My mission is to equip people to do the work themselves in their daily lives without guilt, shame, or blame. Guilt, shame, and blame produce compliance and compliance does not cultivate change or sustainability. “

Kimberly Fitten

Kimberly Fitten

Consultant. Educator. Visionary. World Changer.

“When people know their relevance to this world, they become unstoppable!”

Kimberly is the founder of ReSet Consulting LLC. ReSet is built on the foundational belief that the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion is “heart” which makes the hard work easier. Empowered by her desire to cultivate change through knowledge, communication, collaboration, empathy, and understanding- Kimberly fosters efficacy through professional development toolkits that are real-life applicable for anyone willing to do the work.

Kimberly holds a BA in secondary education (Iowa Wesleyan College), a Master’s in administration and evaluation (University of Northern Iowa).

Kimberly is dedicated to helping people become the absolute best versions of themselves. Kimberly Fitten is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, published author, blogger, educator, motivational speaker, professional development consultant, and high school administrator. She has an incredible way of helping others identify their passions, purpose and deliver their messages of hope using powerful expository formats.


  • The Science of Greatness:
  • Taking the Guesswork out of Purpose (2017).
  • Decree (2018).
  • The Bible of Abundance (2020).

“There is a cost to fighting for social and racial justice.  Weigh the cost and eat it, until your words match your deeds.  This way, when you are tried, your purpose is infectiously sure to all.”

Laura Gray

Laura Gray

Author. Administrator. Educator. Motivational Speaker.

Laura is passionate about Restorative Circles, equity, and inclusion. She has over 16 years of experience in education where she has served as a teacher, assistant principal, building principal, and director. Laura is an experienced facilitator, motivational speaker, published author, Restorative Circle Keeper, trainer, curriculum designer, educator, and consultant.

She has a BA in English Education from Loyola University Chicago and a MA in Educational Leadership from Concordia University Chicago. Laura currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa, and serves as the Director of Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness for the Iowa City Community School District. She is the founder of Restorative Community Partners, LLC, Captivate Conferences, as well as co-founder of R&R Equity Concierge Collaborative.


  • See Beyond the Behavior: Reflective Activities for People Who Discipline Students of Color and Care About Their Success 2019

What our clients are saying…

I have enjoyed your professional development presentations thus far this year! You and your team have put together the best equity professional development that I have ever participated in. I feel like I am learning more about myself. I leave each session wanting to learn more and always look forward to your next presentation.”

Stacey S.

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